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Glosman LipLift™/DentaLift™

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The Glosman Glosman LipLift™ and DentaLift™ Restore Smiles to Youthful Grandeur

Extensive experience, training and an acute eye for beauty have helped Dr. Arthur Glosman create a series of trademarked procedures aimed at producing the most youthful, vibrant and stunning smiles. Two of those procedures are the Glosman DentaLift and the Glosman LipLift, which can be effective on their own or combined for the most amazing results.

Glosman LipLift

While the DentaLift restores the bottom third of the facial proportions, the Glosman LipLift focuses on the upper lip. It, too, restores a youthful look, but this procedures does so by giving the upper lip a slightly fuller and more vibrant appearance through the support of the upper teeth.

This procedure is ideal for those who are considering a smile rejuvenation with veneers and ceramic crowns. It can also be helpful for those who feel they have a wrinkled, thin or sunken upper lip. The upper lip can often fall prey to such conditions through aging, smoking, weight loss due to a breakdown in collagen and loss of skin elasticity.

The Process

Dr. Glosman aims to restore vibrancy using the Rule of Golden Proportions, which focuses on balance, harmony and symmetry of the face. He again engages in careful examination of the teeth and facial aesthetics using X-rays, study models, photos and a bite analysis to determine the ideal angulation of the front teeth to best support the cheeks and upper lip. Porcelain veneers and crowns are then selected to produce the precise angulation that will garner the most effective results.

The Results

With the fullness restored to the upper lip, people enjoy a more youthful appearance and a sensational smile.

Glosman DentaLift

The Glosman DentaLift restores a worn-down or collapsed bite to its original position with a focus on the bottom-third of the face. The procedure is ideal for those who grind their teeth, have suffered injuries to the mouth area, have TMJ issues, missing teeth or severe dental wear and tear.

The Process

Dr. Glosman begins by examining facial aesthetics and performing a precise bite analysis that involves X-rays, study models, photographs and a visual inspection of the teeth. He then visually divides the face into thirds, as the lower-third is most affected by a collapsed bite. The next step is elongating the lower third of the face by precisely angling the teeth to restore the natural bite pattern and shape of the face.

The Results

The adjusted bite pattern restores the support to the cheeks and lips in the lower-third of the face, resulting in a more proportional and rejuvenated appearance.

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