Dental Implants


  • Fill an immediate aesthetic gap
  • Are indistinguishable from your natural teeth
  • Never develop decay and never require root canals
  • Are biocompatible for a low environmental footprint
  • Prevent bone loss, maintaining your facial contours
  • Preserve your existing jawbone and gum tissue
  • Require no removal of adjacent teeth structure
  • Maximize the function of your mouth
  • Help you maintain ideal hygiene
Get your dental implants in Beverly Hills and smile confidently.


Dental Implants: As Close to a
Natural Tooth Foundation as You Can Get

A single missing tooth can significantly alter your lifestyle, often impairing function, preventing you from chewing correctly, reducing bite pressure and ultimately affecting your diet and your confidence. Fortunately, our Beverly Hills dental implants have demonstrated a greater than 99 percent success rate over nearly a half-century of clinical research. In other words, they are the most predictable, and natural, tooth replacement available.

Dental implants in Beverly Hills are designed at our state-of-the-art dental lab to provide a foundation for replacement teeth. A dental implant in Beverly Hills at our dentistry looks, feels and functions like natural teeth.

A successful dental implant requires two phases: surgical (placing the implant) and restorative (crowning the implant). To ensure that your mouth is completely stable and you have a beautiful smile, trust our expert dentist Arthur Glosman who partners with experienced, skilled, local oral surgeon, who establishes a secure dental implant foundation that functions better than a natural tooth root. Once that foundation is secure, our Beverly Hills dentist places an elegant crown over the location whose color-matched appearance exceeds your original tooth.

Dental implants are an ideal blend of function and form. If you need to replace a missing tooth and want a smile that is functional, beautiful and durable, consider a complimentary consultation for dental implants with the best cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills.

Amazing Results To Fit Your Busy Schedule We also perform same-day dental implants on virtually any location within your mouth. Arrive at our Los Angeles dental office without a tooth and leave with a beautiful smile in a single visit! Call our office to see how one visit with our specialist will change your life forever. You will be smiling in no time!