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beverly-hills-smile-design1There is no “cookie-cutter” smile! The smile you possess is uniquely yours. Our cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills purpose is to bring that smile to life by augmenting every possible factor that enhances your individual beauty.

Put away the make-up. Experience a spring in your step and a renewed sense of self-confidence that will have you looking and feeling ten years younger! Call Dr. Arthur Glosman today about his remarkable cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills and take the first step toward timeless beauty.

Your smile has tremendous potential. We invite you to realize it. Choose to have your smile redesigned by a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentistry expert who takes a comprehensive approach to your entire person — not just your teeth. Call our dentist Arthur Glosman for a complimentary smile evaluation.

  • To revitalize your appearance, we consider:
  • Your Lifestyle — how you live makes a significant impact on your appearance
  • Your Personality — quiet confidence, classy elegance, bright and charming, etc.
  • Lines of Symmetry — called facial thirds; from hairline to nose to upper lip to chin
  • Teeth Characteristics — the size, shape, length, width, angle and rotation of each tooth
  • Colors, Shades & Tones — of your hair, eyes, skin, teeth, gums; even the whites of your eyes
  • Your Golden Proportions — the symmetry between the left and right sides of your face
  • Your Age, Weight & Gender — play key roles in the creation of your tailor-made smile
  • The Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry Process
  • Smile Analysis: During your initial consultation, Dr. Glosman asks questions and listens as you share your hopes, worries, past experiences and lifestyle.
  • Digital photos and x-rays: We will rummage through celebrity magazine smiles looking for your favorites. Then, we will create a realistic representation of your current teeth via impressions and a wax model
  • “Trial Smile”: Try out your new smile with temporary veneers to confirm their fit, look and feel
  • A Perfect Fit : Finally we gently bond each veneer for a smile that is radiant, vibrant and full of life!


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