The Ultimate Smile Deserves a Luxury Retreat

No high-end spa or hotel experience is complete without a concierge and you can be assured our Beverly Hills dental spa is blessed with one. Her name is Ani Hintiryan and her main aim is to provide you with the assistance you may need, both in our dental spa and outside in the surrounding community.

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Arthur Glosman, and our staff know that quality care goes far beyond your teeth. It extends to every aspect of your mental and physical well-being. Holistic dentistry may be a new and evolving practice but as with our other procedures and accommodations, our Beverly Hills dental spa is at the forefront of the movement. And Ani is at the forefront of our service team.

Enhancing Your Dental Spa Experience
Within our dental spa, Ani enhances your experience by extending the top-notch comforts, pampering, and courtesies to make your visit a memorable and enjoyable one. Our office is outfitted with plenty of amenities from bottled water to massage chairs, from aromatherapy to music and TV, and Ani can help ensure you receive whatever you need to make your visit relaxing and comfortable.

She is also well-versed in our treatment plans and procedures, so feel free to ask her any questions that may arise. This includes questions on cost or even financing, as we do whatever we can in all areas to best meet our clients’ needs. Ani is on hand with answers and valuable information that can help you establish an action plan with the most convenient scheduling and time frames.

Enhancing Your Beverly Hills Experience
It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling from halfway around the world or live around the corner, Ani has the pulse of Beverly Hills and can direct you to all the awesome features our fair city has to offer. Out-of-town visitors can benefit from Ani’s knowledge of nearby hotels and transportation options while her insights on area restaurants, shopping, and entertainment venues can benefit just about anyone.

It also doesn’t matter if your tastes veer toward hard rock, soft classical music or jamming jazz, Ani can direct you to the most palatable option to suit your tastes or even your mood of the moment.

Like Dr. Glosman and all of our staff, Ani is truly glad to be at our dental spa and even happier to accommodate the needs of our clients. Our overall goal is to work together as a harmonious team to create the most exquisite experience you’ve had with holistic dentistry, and Ani is a key part of that team.

For more information on the services, procedures or benefits of our holistic dentist, please give us a call or pay us a visit.