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The Ultimate Luxury Dental Spa Experience

Walk into the dental center of Dr. Arthur Glosman and you’re walking into the open arms of comfort and sophistication. In fact, the ambiance is so soothing and serene that we like to refer to our dental office as a dental spa. Pay us a visit and you’ll easily see why.

Our Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist was able to combine modern sophistication with tranquility, thanks to the choice of architecture, décor, and stylish, state-of-the-art equipment that provides the optimum dental spa experience.

Divine Décor and Architecture

Smooth lines and soothing white walls are at the foundation of our dental spa architecture, establishing a modern feel throughout the entire establishment. Add our open-air layout and multiple windows to combine natural light with our high-end interior lighting and the overall effect is a sense of heavenly calm.

The soothing white, airy ambiance contrasts precisely with the darker earth tones we selected for our cabinetry and accent pieces. The combination produces an awesome balance that leaves you feeling calm, grounded and perfectly secure.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our Beverly Hills dentist Dr. Glosman employs the most advanced dentistry, which means only the most advanced equipment will do. He takes care to select tools and technology that are up to the task. Just because our equipment is highly advanced doesn’t mean our clients’ quarters lose the serene and soothing feel.

Amply padded dental chairs, rounded corners and, again, our breathtaking window views ensure each room matches the overall sophisticated, high-class ambiance infused through the rest of our dental office. It’s tough not to relax when you’re greeted with a striking view of palm trees, sunny skies or softly wafting clouds.

Modern Experience

We feel a visit to the dentist should be a wonderful experience, not something you try to avoid. That’s exactly why we put so much effort into creating a memorable experience that we hope you welcome and even enjoy. Not only will you enjoy our ambiance and décor, but we’re betting you’ll also enjoy the personalized and compassionate treatment each client receives from our experienced staff.

One more source of enjoyment, of course, is receiving top-of-the-line dentistry from Dr. Glosman – and the final results of your procedures. Whether you need a simple teeth cleaning or opt to go for an entire smile makeover, Dr. Glosman does his best to ensure each and every client leaves our dental spa with a beautiful smile.

Give us a call or, better yet, drop by our dental spa to learn more about our procedures, meet our staff or clear up any questions you may have. We’re always glad to help beautify your smile any way we can.


Meet the Team that Keeps Beverly Hills Smiling Beautifully


Ani Hintiryan: Your Guest Concierge

As our dental spa’s concierge, Ani is dedicated to bringing you all the comforts and courtesies that make your dental experience a memorable one. In addition to her skill for pampering, she is also adept at answering questions about treatment plans, costs and financing options. Her knowledge extends well beyond our dental spa and into the Beverly Hills community, and she is pleased to help with any client requests, such as transportation, hotel accommodations, shopping venues and recommendations for other health care professionals.


Kaeli Kesterson, RDH: Your Registered Dental Hygienist

As a dental hygiene practitioner since 2004, Kaeli combines her enthusiasm for health care with a gentle touch that ensures your oral health receives the attention and care it deserves. She is certified in laser disinfectant techniques, skilled in the treatment of periodontal disease and stays abreast of the most advanced dental hygiene procedures and technology through her continuing education at USC. Her volunteer mission trips to South and Central America further underscore her passion for ensuring as many people as possible have access to proper dental care.