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Where Smiles are Beautiful

Your smile is your style. It’s who you are; the perfect beauty accessory that travels with you wherever you go. A smile can change everything, it can brighten someone’s day or it can give you the confidence you need to get that new job you’ve been seeking. When that smile deserves the very best in cosmetic dentistry, only one place will suffice: Dr. Arthur Glosman’s cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills.

The birthplace of the “Hollywood Smile”, our Beverly Hills dental center is in the undisputed epicenter of dental excellence. Even in Beverly Hills, the epitome of all things luxury, only a handful of seasoned practitioners are truly capable of transforming everyday smiles into timeless works of art. It takes more than the run-of-the-mill practice. With Dr. Glosman, dentistry is more than ordinary.

Among this elite group of dental specialists, cosmetic dentist Arthur Glosman DDS is renowned for his ability to create masterpiece smiles. Often referred by dentists around the globe to perform one-of-a-kind cosmetic cases, Dr. Glosman blends elegant form with practical function in a way that captures the true essence of your beauty.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our distinguished expertise, down-to-earth approach and comprehensive attention -to -detail. Satisfied clients from England, France, Russia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, and all around the world – have each experienced Dr. Glosman’s passion for cosmetic dentistry in a uniquely personal way.

Envision the Unseen Potential of Your Smile

Many Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists claim to have reached the pinnacle of their profession, but only a few ever actually approach it. Dental excellence that continues to excel is a standard that requires an uncanny eye for artistry and a willingness to invest whatever effort is necessary to help you discover the full potential of your smile.

What makes you unique?

Dr. Glosman will draw it out. By considering every subtle detail – from the color of your eyes, to the tone of your skin, to the pace of your lifestyle – we craft your smile to match your personality. The solutions Dr. Arthur Glosman provides are 100% tailored to your individual needs. Let us give you a smile that allows your self-confidence to soar and your personality to blossom.

Being a sincerely caring man, Dr. Glosman has decided to do his part in keeping the environment clean.  We work diligently to generate the lowest possible carbon footprint. We know how important it is to respect our planet and reduce the use of precious resources. Our holistic cosmetic dentistry in Beverly Hills practice is completely electronic, meaning we have gone paperless and chartless. All of our materials are metal-free and biocompatible.


The Ultimate Experience at our Dental Center


Get a Hollywood Smile and be treated like a star with VIP services by top cosmetic dentist Arthur Glosman DDS. His one-on-one personal approach at your initial consultation is filled with informative questions and answers which are imperative to the success of any smile makeover.

Accurate records including digital x-rays, digital photography and impressions all help Dr. Glosman create a computerized presentation that helps each patient identify their personal goals. By providing multiple services under one roof, his dentistry lets his patients enjoy the ultimate experience.